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Spring 2022 fashion color: green!

by veryfp

A certainty for spring 2022: our wardrobes will be dyed green! Bright green, bright, emerald, every shade is welcome, just wear it! Bottega Veneta is the forerunner, but many others have followed in its footsteps. Valentino, Versace and many others have not given up on the green heart within their collections.

From the big catwalks, of course, green has also arrived within the collections of brands that are much more affordable for most of us. I started I could not resist and I came across this sweatshirt that you see in the photo chosen on Asos

green sweatshirt

Green: 2022 fashion color

My daily style is often sporty, but green is a color that brands and stylists have been able to adapt to every occasion, from the most casual to the most elegant. The perfect touch of color for those who want to give an extra touch to a classic “all group” look: a green blouse or t-shirt combined with 90s-style jeans could be a good idea, perfectly in line with the latest fashion trends.
Green is also a color that can be paired with other equally interesting colors such as purple, yellow or electric blue. But be careful to make the right choice and not to overdo it: combine a maximum of one color with green.

Who is the color green good for?

Green is often considered a difficult color to wear and not suitable for everyone. That’s not true, you just need to know how to identify the right shade for your complexion and hair color. The darker green, your bottle green is perfect for dark browns for example, while lighter shades are suitable for reds or blondes.
Have you never worn this color and are you afraid of buying clothing that will remain forgotten in your closet? Don’t worry, start with wearing a small accessory or a low cost garment. In case you are disappointed with the result, at least you will not have spent too much money in vain.

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