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The importance of taking care of yourself: between lockdown and the desire to leave!

by veryfp

Friends here I am again here on the blog with a new post that I want to share with you all! It has been a while since I wrote here on Very’s Fashion Planet, but I would like to start posting on my blog again with a little more frequency!

Today I publish a post for reflection, we could define it. We have come out of an extremely complicated year, 2020, and this 2021 is struggling to take off. The situation is somewhat uncertain and the pandemic is still ongoing. Much hope is placed in the administration of the vaccine, but unfortunately it is proceeding a bit slowly.

We know that this is the most critical period for the circulation of the virus and Italy is still having to face closures and setbacks with red zones that force us home, for the good of the community and the health of all especially the most weak, but which often turns out to be a heavy situation for many.

Always take care of yourself!

Even in times like these, if we find ourselves spending a lot of time indoors, it’s very important not to let go. Always take care of yourself. Dear female friends, do not give up dressing and making up.

Keeping up in tone, even through these simple steps, helps the mood as well as the appearance!
Let’s do it first of all for us and for those around us. After a day of smart working, do some training at home or dedicate yourself to a relaxing session for face and body care with treatments that perhaps, in other situations, you would not be able to perform with due attention.

Understand one fundamental thing: taking care of ourselves is one of the best gifts we can give ourselves! It will help us to feel good with ourselves and with others, difficult situations will seem less so and we will be ready to face them with more determination!

Take care of yourself, especially during these difficult times, as it will give you more serenity and will make you see things from a different perspective, with greater optimism and positivity!

Pic by my Instagram @veryfashionplanet

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