Posters and furniture prints: my choice on Desenio

by veryfp

A beautiful painting, or a beautiful print, are certainly among the most important elements to furnish our home with taste! They are able to give a lot of character to the furniture for which we have opted and enrich the home environments like few other furnishing accessories can do!

As for the choice of paintings, posters and related frames, this must be done carefully and with taste. Given the fact that nowadays the choice at our disposal is really vast, it will be good to be guided and inspired in an optimal way. I did it thanks to Desenio.

Enhance a white wall with Desenio posters

Within the Desenio site you can find posters and prints ranging from wonderful nature-themed photos, to travel-themed ones, to black and white or reproductions of famous and design works.
One of the things I liked the most inside Desenio is the “wall galleries” section where you can find countless gallery wall inspirations that you can recreate. It is possible to understand how to best match the various prints and their sizes with each other, also mixing different styles together, creating a perfect mix of images and an ad hoc furnished wall!

What did I choose? I had an empty corner in one of the walls of my living room and given my love for Paris I chose a fabulous black and white print representing a classic and wonderful Parisian balcony named Parisian Balcony (50x70cm) paired with two Decaying nature themed prints Hydrangea (30x40cm) and White Flower (30×40).
I like the result a lot and I finally managed to find the right combination suitable for the space I had available and in perfect line with the style of my living room.

Position the frames correctly

Placing one or more paintings within an environment is not a step to be underestimated. We must be very clear how many and what type of paintings to hang, measure the right distances between one frame and another before going to hang them so as not to create confusion and harmonize them with each other.

Desenio is an excellent partner to enrich your home and for this reason I want to encourage you by offering you an exclusive discount code for your shopping on the site: with the code
VERYFASHION30 you will receive a 30% discount on posters between 9 and 12 April (excluding posters in the “Handpicked / Custom Posters” categories and frames)
Take advantage now, many posters to beautify the walls of the house and more are waiting for you!

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