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Postalmarket: the catalog that made history and its great comeback

by veryfp

As a child of the 80s, already a lover of fashion and beauty at the time, browsing Postalmerket was a party! One of my favorite games of the time was to play the part of a lady who ordered clothes and so on from the Postalmerket catalog.

From 23 October 2021 the iconic catalog to support the already operational online site returned to newsstands.

In my opinion, the desire to combine the modernity of the internet with the slightly vintage taste that the paper edition of Postalmarket can give was a great idea that will be able to add value to this project.

Stefano Bortolussi, president of Postalmarket, believed and bet a lot on this project which sees the return of the catalog in 18,000 Italian newsstands. But the main mission, the one I like the most, is to promote Made in Italy thanks to the participation of Italian companies, from those with a family and artisan imprint to the most famous such as Yamamay, Lormar, Carpisa, Golden Lady and many others.

How can I buy on Postalmarket?

There are three possible options for purchasing from the catalog.

1- From site: just access the site and then within the categories that interest you most. If you already know what you want to buy, enter the desired item in the search;

2- Mobile application: download the app, save the products you prefer and proceed with the order at any time;

3- By calling +39 0324300332: just list the desired items to the operator and communicate the payment method with which you want to proceed. Service operational from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00.

Easy and accessible to all, simpler than that! Today I am the lady I wanted to be as a child in the 80s and I can finally dedicate myself to my Postalmarket shopping session!

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