Gadget customization: my Wanapix experience

by veryfp

The desire for non-homologation has always been part of me, even in small things. I like to think that something, an object was created just for me or bears my name, as if to specify that that particular thing belongs to my personality.

Whether it’s an accessory to wear, a piece of furniture or something else, customization can give that something extra that makes us feel an object even more ours. This is why I chose Wanapix for the personalization of some accessories useful for my daily life.

Wanapix: customize your world!

Within the Wanapix website you can find many gadgets and accessories for the person or for the home to be customized for your every need.

Attention: we are talking about a quality service, excellent results and punctuality in delivery.

With Wanapix you can customize objects and accessories with personal photos, print your name, find super cute ideas not only for personal use, but for the creation of a very special gift to give to those we love!
So many original and fanciful ideas, you are spoiled for choice.

My chosen custom gadgets on Wanapix

I needed some everyday items and came across Wanapix. First I needed a new agenda. Even if I work in the digital world, the paper diary remains one of my indispensable! After choosing the style with which to make it, I decided to personalize it with my name. I liked the result so much that I decided to create a real “set” of accessories made with the same print. I therefore also chose:

  • a mask to protect the respiratory tract
  • a mask holder
  • a very useful thermal bottle for my sports sessions and also in view of the summer

What do you think? I find everything extremely useful and delicious at the same time!

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