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First wrinkles and fight them: the Hekatè kit

by veryfp

Good morning dear friends! For the first post of this 2021 I’m back with a very interesting beauty topic that I’m sure will interest many of us!

Nobody likes the appearance of the first wrinkles, I’m sure! But time passes and we can’t do it. less! Let’s become aware of the situation of our skin and try to fight this imperfection in the best possible way with the right and targeted products for our beauty needs!

How to fight the first wrinkles

The first wrinkles are usually what we call “expression lines”. They usually appear around the eyes and lips. After the age of thirty, it is good to enrich our beauty routine with more targeted products that, in addition to moisturizing the skin, a fundamental step for all ages, act actively to counteract the signs of aging.

What are the primary active ingredients to act against the first wrinkles that appear on our face?

  1. hyaluronic acid: acts in a fundamental way on the dehydration of the skin, one of the main causes of skin aging vitamin c: with great antioxidant power, it fights premature skin aging aloe vera: the number one natural ingredient with anti-aging action
  2. vitamin E: with great antioxidant power, it fights premature skin aging
  3. aloe vera: the number one natural ingredient with anti-aging action

Hekatè: the ideal kit to fight the first wrinkles

The Hekatè kit I am talking about today contains all that we have mentioned above within its three products.

Let’s find out specifically:

  • Hekatè lifting serum: a light texture that should be gently massaged all over the face avoiding the eye contour and which is absorbed immediately. The skin looks smoother and more compact after just a few applications. To apply to well-cleansed skin, it will enhance the effect of the face cream that you will apply later.
  • Hekatè face cream: its consistency is suitable for all skin types. Inside we find all the fundamental ingredients that we have previously listed that will give elasticity and tone to the skin of the face. This cream is very pleasant and once applied the skin is pleasantly soft.
  • Eye contour with Caffeine: an ideal product to fight bags and dark circles. Its ball applicator makes its application very functional. It has a draining role on the eye contour area and will act effectively after just a few applications on the entire affected area.

I reiterate the fact that in order to obtain visible results, in addition to choosing quality products, consistency in their application is necessary. Therefore, including products of this kind in your daily beauty routine will be extremely useful in order to improve the appearance of the skin on your face and prevent aging. Last advice, help yourself from within through a healthy diet!


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