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Daily cosmetic routine: what you need to know

by veryfp

Maintaining a constant daily beauty routine is one of the best gifts we can give to the skin on our face! Following a few simple steps that allow us to keep the skin supple and hydrated will allow us to fight the signs of aging, feel good about ourselves and our appearance.

Accepting the passing of time is fine, but we must not suffer by letting ourselves go without doing anything.

Adopting a beauty routine suited to our needs will help us to love ourselves a little more every day and our self-esteem will benefit greatly!

The basic steps of a good everyday beauty routine!

First, let’s take a good look in the mirror and become aware of our appearance, the type of skin we have and the critical points on which to go to work, so to speak.

Especially after the age of 40, the skin tends to lose tone and cosmetic products will be needed that contain among their active ingredients collagen, hyaluronic acid and retinol. Furthermore, cleansing will play a fundamental role in ensuring that the skin on our face appears fresh and luminous.

So here are some basic steps to follow step by step, regardless of the type of skin you have:

  • remove make-up and cleanse the face in an effective but delicate way, performing a face scrub at least once a week;
  • uses the tonic: it prepares the skin in an optimal way to receive the facial treatment you apply daily;
  • applying a serum, a face product that is often too underestimated and which after 30 should be part of your beauty routine, will emphasize the benefits of the cream that you will apply later;
  • always moisturize at any age with a face cream that also has an anti-aging effect based on your age;
  • take care of the eye area, one of the first areas to be affected by the passing of time;
  • make a face mask at least once a week that gives brightness and deep hydration to the skin of the face;

You may have noticed that I often talk about hydration. Yes, precisely because it is the first rule for having beautiful, healthy and toned skin. Moisturizing the skin at any age is absolutely essential!

Beauty mistakes to avoid!

Then there are some mistakes that we often make, but which are to be avoided if we really love our skin.
First of all, food: avoid as much as possible the so-called “junk food” such as fried, carbonated drinks that contain lots of sugars.
Second valuable advice for our beauty routine: do not overdo it with cosmetic products! Do not overdo it with exfoliants, with face masks of all kinds, with products that are too greasy or that tend to dry out the skin too much. Also use products that are suitable for your skin type and not just because your friend recommends one cream rather than another. Act and choose face products always taking into account your needs that will never be the same as your friend’s!

The extra tip: use beauty tools!

In addition to identifying the right cosmetic products for your skin, the tools you find on the market for facial skin care can be of real help. One among all? The jade roller that I also use personally and with which I feel really good! What is it for? His gentle massage stimulates the microcirculation of the face and helps the skin to take on a much more toned look!

Last but not least, perhaps the most important advice: constancy !!! Cosmetic products need to be applied consistently to benefit from the promised results!

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