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Comfortable and chic sandals: medium heel for any occasion

by veryfp

A pair of fashionable, glamorous, on-trend sandals perfect for any type of look? A medium heel sandal, white in color, to combine with virtually any summer clothing item!

You know how much I love casual chic outfits, which follow the trends of the moment, but which always wink at practicality!

For this summer 2021 fashion and comfort go hand in hand and marry together offering stylish solutions that we like as much as this model of sandals you see in the photo.

White medium heel sandals for a summer look!

I love shoes with heels, without sacrificing practicality and the most interesting fashion trends.

This is why my choice fell on this white medium heel sandal by Renato Balestra!

They are the right compromise that allows me to wear the heel, but at the same time to move freely and live the hectic everyday life.

But they are not only perfect for everyday life: if combined with a dress or an elegant suit, they will be the ideal ally for special occasions, avoiding having us carry the classic “comfortable shoe change” to let our feet arrive without stress until the end of the day.

So green light for this kind of footwear to wear for ceremonies, special occasions, work and free time. We choose the right model for us and with a little taste and imagination we create the perfect match for the needs of the moment.

Wearing comfortable shoes is now a common need for many of us, especially in summer!

The last months of the pandemic that have seen us closed at home for many days have accustomed us to extremely comfortable shoes. Summer is a period of restart, we want novelty and change, but we are still not very tolerant of heels that are too high and uncomfortable.

Without a doubt, mid-heel sandals are one of the most interesting trends of the summer.

My casual chic look

But let’s get to the look that I propose today. A pair of light trousers and a white shirt in perfect match with my new Renato Balestra sandals. I invite you to pay attention to the sculpted heel: a chunky heel with a facet that makes it precious and special. It is useless to underline their extraordinary comfort. I see it perfectly matched with every summer garment I have inside my wardrobe. You understood well that these shoes have really conquered me and not only these that you see me wearing in today’s look.

Stay connected because in a couple of days I will show you a new look with another extraordinary pair of Renato Balestra sandals.

Quality and refined design for an entirely Made in Italy product!

I want to offer all of you who follow my blog the fantastic opportunity to be able to buy your ideal footwear in the Renato Balestra online shop by taking advantage of a discount code that will entitle you to an extra 10% in addition to the discounts already present and active on all products within the RB site: VERYFASHIONPLANETEXTRA10

Take advantage of this unique opportunity, the choice is vast and will satisfy your style need!

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