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Women’s trench coat: choose it outside the box!

by veryfp

Women’s trench coat: choose it outside the box! How nice to come back with a fashion-themed post! Today we talk about the iconic mid-season garment: the trench coat! Ok, but what a trench! Not the usual, but something with that extra touch that identifies us and takes us outside the box!

The trench coat is an item of clothing that I believe none of us miss, or almost. The “classic” beige or the more common variants such as blue or black are the most popular.

Women’s trench coat: history and evolution of an iconic garment in the women’s wardrobe

The trench coat was born in 1824 when a certain Macintosh invented a way to waterproof fabrics. From here to now a world has opened up for the trench coat! Burberry has made it one of its must-haves, Fay is its standard-bearer especially in blue, up to Valentina Poltronieri who makes it hers thanks to the use of an irresistible print that I loved from the first glance!

And here it is worn in the photos you see in this post. Its wearability is wide, it does not force it therefore allows it to be combined with more or less heavy garments under it.
This version is considered “short” because the canons of the classic trench coat include it up to one centimeter below the knee, but the choice of this cut in my opinion makes it “fresh” and suitable for a much wider age audience.

How did I match it? To a total black to highlight the print that I find delightful. But this outerwear really goes with everything. From jeans, to long dresses that come out from its lower end, to skinny rather than palazzo trousers. In short, a real passepartout of the mid-season wardrobe!

What do you think about it? Are you a trench addict like me too?

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