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Why register a trademark: V’sFP has chosen to do so!

by veryfp

A few days ago I announced in the Instagram stories the official received regarding the registration of the V’sFP brand.

V’sFP represents the whole world of Very’s Fashion Planet and since the idea of creating the V’sFP | Beauty cosmetics brand was born, the need to register it has been confirmed.

Deciding to register a trademark is very important. Often many companies, especially those who are just starting out, due to the high costs they have to face, are reluctant to register their logo and postpone it until a later date.
In my opinion, however, it should be among the first items to be taken into account when deciding to start a business.

Why register a trademark?

Registering a trademark is primarily a protection for both the owner and the customer of the same.

Registration guarantees an exclusive right of use of the trademark for its owner, which means that anyone who wants to appropriate someone else’s trademark can respond with quite onerous penalties and penalties!

A registered trademark is certainly, for the brand, one of the most immediate forms of communication, which makes it recognized immediately. It distinguishes it and makes it more credible and reliable by the end customer who at the same time knows that he is using a service, or buying a product, from a real company, which guarantees quality and exclusivity.

In short, a step that makes us proud of our work that is protected and guaranteed to those who choose to take advantage of it.

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