tre prodotti top del 2019

Three top products of 2019 to be used also in 2020!

by veryfp

Three top products of 2019 to be used also in 2020! Last year I had the pleasure of discovering many really valid and effective new beauty products. Today I share them with you with this new article here on my blog!

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I care a lot about skin care. A good daily routine, made up of a few products, but well chosen according to the needs of our skin, is very important! Precisely because I consider this fundamental concept for all of us, I am carrying out a project to which I care very much dedicated to all of you! But for now I won’t tell you more…stay tuned!

Let’s go back to today’s topic girlfriends: three top products of 2019 to be used also in 2020!

Here is the why I liked them so much!

  • Jowaé Micellar Mousse: perfect for cleansing the face. Its texture is light and pleasant, the massage gently with circular movements and the rinse with warm water. The skin is soft and well cleansed. When the tonic passes, the make-up and impurities residues are really minimal! For face and eyes, suitable for all skin types.
  • Peptidin Firming Serum Dr. Jart+: a serum that I use in the evening. A few drops applied delicately all over the face, excluding the eye area, which are immediately absorbed. Its action is firming and helps to compact the complexion. Indeed, after about a week from its constant application, the skin of the face is firmer and more luminous. Particularly suitable if you tend to dry skin. I am a mixed skin, but during the winter season it tends to become drier.
  • Capture Totale Dream skin: fantastic! An excellent product for a practically immediate tightening effect. It is a fluid that can be applied both only and after our daily treatment cream. It goes to smooth and fill the small wrinkles immediately, for a truly visible smooth effect after very few applications! It does not miracles, but it really helps a lot! Excellent to apply before make up!

These are my top beauty that I recommend you to try in the coming months friends. Do you already know them? Let me know!

three top products of 2019

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