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Sustainable women’s fashion: MyMod ethical and sustainable fashion

by veryfp

Sustainable women’s fashion: MyMod ethical and sustainable fashion. I love Italian fashion, I love quality fashion, I love sustainable fashion. But what does sustainable fashion mean? Sustainable fashion involves the use of raw materials of natural origin, zero kilometers from a certified supply chain, minimum waste, regenerated fabrics and processes that respect the environment. Sustainable fashion wants to create a harmonious relationship between the environment and the person.

It is nice when Italian fashion becomes ethical and sustainable. It follows the trends and the garments made have a timeless duration within our wardrobe. Haute couture focuses on pret a porter and creates collections consisting of unique garments, each one never identical and homologated to others.

MyMod Made Italy Fashion: sustainable fashion in Ancona and beyond

MyMod Madeitaly is the first Ethical Concept Store in the province of Ancona in Via Simonetti 1. For friends who are not from Ancona MyMod can be reached through their online shop where you will find a wide selection of trendy garments made of organic cotton, regenerated cashmere , upcycling neoprene and raw materials of vegetable origin. 

The coat you see in the photo and which I have also proposed to you in my Instagram feed is made of fine wool with an incredible softness, which does not sting, warm and enveloping. A pleasure to wear throughout the cold season. But this is just one of the magnificent clothing items that you can find at MyMod. It is even more beautiful to be trendy and unique while respecting the environment and work ethic!

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