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Stay home: what to do during the quarantine due to Coronavirus

by veryfp

Stay home: what to do during the quarantine due to Coronavirus. Good morning and welcome friends! I am back after a few weeks here on the blog finally! We are clear about the period we are living in Italy and in the world: the global pandemic caused by the Coronavirus really affects everyone.

With this post I will not be talking about the virus, what it is and the recommended hygiene methods to combat it. I leave it to those who are certainly more competent than me. We just have to do one thing that has been asked of us for the good of all humanity: stay home! This is to avoid the spread of the virus and consequently to collapse the already distressed health care system, to preserve the health of those who are most vulnerable and already suffering from previous pathologies that could make the infection even more serious, such as our elders.

As for the scientific side of the situation I stop here. Instead, as regards what to do during this period of quarantine to spend at home and how to make the most of it, I would like to give you some advice!

Stay home: what to do at home during the quarantine?

A list of interesting activities, perhaps never done before or almost, to carry out during the quarantine. Ready? Let’s begin!

  • Decluttering: many of you are already doing it! We open wardrobes and lockers and throw away everything we don’t need. Clothes and accessories to be divided into “I still wear them”, “I give it to Caritas”, “I throw it because it is too worn”. Same thing for beauty products! Throw away the products that have been open for too long, arrange the ones you use and put the new ones still to be opened in order. Declutterin can be carried out in any household context: bedroom, bathroom and kitchen cupboards! Leave the decluttering of garages, cellars and attics to your husband!
  • Body work: dedicate an hour of time to physical activity at home. If you are already a sportswoman, I don’t have to teach you anything, but if you are not, you can consult YouTube which is full of fitness channels and very interesting tutorials with exercises suitable for everyone or on Instagram!
  • Reading books and magazines: reading is always good! During this period you can read even more because we have more time available!
  • Cooking and experimenting new recipes: I’m not a test cook, let’s say I manage in the kitchen. But during these weeks having more time I was able to perfect some recipes and experiment with new ones. If there are children make a nice treat together it will be a good reason to spend time together and make the day more smooth!
  • Playing board games: I bet your greatest thrill in this category is the Christmas family bingo! Instead, brushing up on some party games, perhaps mythical like Monopoly, could be a fun time to let your children spend a couple of hours especially.
  • Watching TV series and films: we like that! It will be an excellent activity that will solve above all your evenings and Sunday afternoons that we have to spend at home!

And you dear friends, what activities do you carry out during these particular days?

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