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How many items to have in the closet: the basis for the spring wardrobe!

by veryfp

How many items to have in the closet: the basis for the spring wardrobe! Welcome back to my blog! How many items are needed to create the perfect mid-season wardrobe base? Not many, but all useful to create many looks to show off in the spring!

They are garments that many of us will already have in their closet, but let’s review them well together!

How many items to have in the wardrobe: the basic items of the perfect wardrobe!

Ready friends? Here’s what should not be missing at the base of a spring wardrobe:

  • jackets: a Prince of Wales true must also in autumn, a pastel color ideal to combine with denim, a beige or camel color to give a chic touch and a perfect white even for slightly cooler summer evenings!
  • two shirts: a white shirt and a light blue shirt. Ideal for work looks or casual outfits.
  • two t-shirts: one white and one black. Even with writings or prints, as long as they are discreet. Perfect as an under jacket and for casual looks.
  • white and beige trousers: with these two shades you can combine any colored blouse or with a particular print! You will be sure not to go to create a “too much” look
  • jeans: absolutely inevitable in the mid-season wardrobe! Always keep basic jeans, such as mum jeans, handy. They are comfortable and never go out of style!
  • The denim jacket: a real springtime passepartout. A true classic suitable for all ages!
  • the little black dress: this garment is essential and at the base of the wardrobe all year round, not just in the spring! I often define it as a blank canvas on which to create any type of look, just play with accessories!

What do you think friends? Do you have everything or are you missing something? If you want to know more I have also published a video on the Youtube and IGTV channel regarding this topic! I’ll wait for you there too!

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