Shampoo and conditioner tailored for you: Shampora

by veryfp

Dear friends, I’m back today with a hair-themed post! A few days ago I was invited to create tailor-made products for my hair by Shampora, a brand specializing in the production of hair care products. Their proposal immediately intrigued me.

I’ll explain myself better and I’ll tell you my experience step by step.

My Shampora Experience

Let’s first understand who we are talking about: Shampora produces customized hair products, at the forefront with the best technologies, with a predisposition to eco-sustainability.

Their mission is to create something that makes people happy through bespoke beauty products.

The products will be yours, personalized, unique!

How to create your bespoke hair products?

By entering the Shampora website, I was invited to answer a series of questions regarding my hair type, my needs and my goals and expectations regarding a product created specifically for me.

Once that was done, a proprietary algorithm from Shampora was able to create the ideal formula to make the right products for my hair: shampoo, conditioner and leave-in.

Now you are wondering what leave-in is? A leave-in cream to apply before drying hair and also to be used as a primer. I love it!

I found this brilliant project! The idea of creating a personalized formula for me and my hair needs literally won me over. The products are of great quality and are delivered home inside a box containing the three falcons with your name printed on the label. A really too nice idea!

buy now!

I loved this project right from the start and I couldn’t help but share it with you! Precisely because I want to encourage you to try, I leave you a discount code to use within Shampora: Veronica7sconto that will entitle you to a € 7.00 discount on the minimum purchase of two products.

Friends, try your Shampora experience too, I’m sure you will be thrilled too !!

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