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Matching the blazer: three ways to wear the Prince of Wales jacket

by veryfp

Matching the blazer: three ways to wear the Prince of Wales jacket. Good morning friends! The blazer is a great passion of mine and since we are going towards spring, which better time of the year to talk about it?

Blazers are ideal during midseason, spring and autumn to be clear. They give an unmistakable touch of style to the look and they know how to “put the outfit in order”.

Those who follow me from a while or who know me well, knows that I love wearing them and they are a feature that often distinguishes my outfits.

Today we talk about one of the most interesting trends of the coming weeks. We will see together three different, simple and trendy ways to wear a blazer in particular: the Prince of Wales blazer.

Not only this jacket in particular, but in general the plaid print blazers will be among the best to wear for spring 2020.

If you want to deepen this topic, you can also find a dedicated video on the blog’s YouTube channel.

Matching the blazer: three simple and trendy ideas

The first way I propose you to wear this jacket is very easy. I combined a pair of mom jeans and a black blouse to my blazer.

matching the blazer

The second is to wear your buttoned plaid jacket with a belt tied at the waist over the blazer.

matching the blazer

The third look that I propose is always very simple and chic. Wear your Prince of Wales blazer over a suit. It will also be an ideal match for the evening.

matching the blazer

Friends, I hope this post will inspire you to best match this item of clothing that should not be missing from our wardrobe, especially during this time of year!

What do you think about it? I send you a big hug and I will wait as always here on my blog for the next post!

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