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Hypoallergenic make up: Hypoallergenic by Bell Cosmetics

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Hypoallergenic make up: Hypoallergenic by Bell Cosmetics. Hello and welcome back to my blog. Topic make up friends! I share with you some beautiful and interesting make-up news ideal for all of us!

I had the pleasure of trying Hypoallergenic, a hypoallergenic make-up brand perfect for sensitive and delicate skin, prone to allergies, redness or simple intolerances.

An ideal make-up line for a daily basic routine. Let’s find out together!

Hypoallergenic make up: the Hypoallergenic line by Bell Cosmetics

When I discover quality beauty products I am always happy to share them with you and this is one of those cases!

The beautiful box I received contained inside the products at the base of a daily make up:

  • Aqua Jelly make up foundation: water based, with an ideal light texture, therefore for the summer period, and slightly opaque.
  • Skin Camouflage Concealer: a concealer palette with four different shades that can also be applied mixed together for excellent coverage of dark circles and imperfections. One of the workhorses of this box without a shadow of a doubt!
  • Long Wear Mascara: an elongating and slightly volumizing mascara. I recommend it for those like me who have short and slightly thick eyelashes.
  • Rich Matt Lipstick: a matte lipstick of a fabulous red! your soft and moisturizing texture avoids the formation of cracks and skin on the lips.
  • Fresh Blush: a light and illuminating blush that will give the right finish to the make up! I love it!

The Hypoallergenic range includes complete lines that really cover all our beauty needs: the Face line, the Eyes line, the Lips line and the Nails line. The products are Crueltry-Free, Alchol_Free and Fragrance Free, therefore suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Discover the world of Hypoallergenic by Bell Cosmetics and become a #HYPOgirl too!

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Hypoallergenic di Bell Cosmetics

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