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How to dress well: three basic rules to follow!

by veryfp

How to dress well: three basic rules to follow! Hello and welcome back to my blog! There are some really simple, basic rules for dressing well. Today I want to share three of them, the main ones, which can help you in choosing the right garments to wear.

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How to dress well: three basic rules to follow

But let’s go back to today’s main topic: how to dress well! If you follow these three simple rules you will already be well advanced!

  • Rule # 1: Choose the right size for you!

Look in the mirror, become aware of your physicality and wear the right size for you! Here a very important factor comes into play: whenever possible, always try on clothing before wearing it!

  • Rule # 2: Wear clothes in line with your style!

It is important to wear clothes that we like, with which we feel really good and at ease! We do not have to emulate our favorite influencer on duty because he wears a latest item of clothing that maybe is very bad on us and it does not reflect our personality at all!

  • Rule 3: few accessories, but good!

When you decide to combine accessories with your outfit, don’t go overboard and choose them based on the garments that make up your look. Someone much more authoritative than I once said:

“Before leaving the house, look in the mirror and take something off!”

So friends, nothing simpler! Just follow these three basic rules, you will help yourself and your look to be nice first of all for yourself and for the others who look at you!

how to dress well


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