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Handmade jewelry: Prettyluna handmade in Italy!

by veryfp

Hello and welcome to my blog. Today we talk about beautiful things, about creations made with love, passion and … by hand! The “Made in Italy” is one of the strengths of our “Bel Paese” and we must always support it!

Today I’ll tell you about a “little big brand” that I had the immense pleasure of meeting in the past few weeks. About Elena and her handmade Prettyluna creations that literally conquered me!

Prettyluna handmade in Italy!

I love when the accessory is beautiful, but also functional and personalized! I chose a couple of creations from the site and found them so well done and cute that I immediately had to share them with you!

Let’s start with the necklace you see in the picture, a chain necklace, a great must this season in terms of women’s accessories, it is also a glasses case! I find it brilliant! Just attach our pair of glasses to the ring that decorates the chain. Great for people like me who are very distracted and always risk leaving everything everywhere! I love this necklace! You fell in love with it too when you saw it on my Instagram feed!


And then the bracelet, too cute! Elena also makes matching eyeglass cords, handcrafted tailored to your needs! They are many, cute and colorful! I have chosen these shades that blend perfectly with the nuances that I love most to wear and that best match the items in my wardrobe.


A beautiful all-Italian reality that comes from the inspiration and passion of a girl who loves what she does and this spells out the final result! Needless to say, they would be really nice and useful gifts for Christmas, but we’ll talk about this later!

In the meantime, visit the website and discover all the Prettyluna handmade in Italy reactions that are dark will conquer you too!

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