buoni propositi per il 2020

Good intentions for 2020: what I expect for this new year!

by veryfp

Good intentions for 2020: what I expect for this new year! A post that arrives with a little delay or maybe not … We are still in the month of January, the first of this 2020, so I am still in time for the list of good intentions of this new year!

A ritual, that of good intentions, which is repeated every year and like every year not everything can be respected, but how you try!

Good intentions for 2020

  • I would like to return more present on the blog: the world of communication is constantly evolving and while once the blog was the main tool to do this, today social networks have surely taken over. For this 2020 I would like to return more active on the blog!
  • Carrying out an important project: I have had a nice project in mind for a long time, which I am sure would love you too! Also because it is specifically designed for you and your needs. I cannot say more, at the moment I keep my fingers crossed …
  • Physical activity and good nutrition: the most popular purpose for all of us! Every year I repeat it 100 times, but this year, by now reached the threshold of 40, I absolutely have to respect it!
  • Do not waste energy on the “lost causes”: that is to convey my strengths where it is really necessary, get angry less and live more serenely!

Ok friends, more or less these are some of my good intentions for this 2020. I am sure that you too will have many and I wish you with the heart to be able to fulfill them one by one!

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