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Face cleansing mousse: why you should use it!

by veryfp

Face cleansing mousse: why you should use it! Today we are talking about face cleansers, but in particular about cleansing mousses! Washing your face with the right products for our skin is a fundamental gesture for the beauty and health of the skin. Often not much time is devoted to this passage of the daily beauty routine, indeed it is sometimes underestimated by many of us.

Properly cleansing the facial skin is very important to prepare the skin for the next step in our beauty routine, that is to receive serum and cream.

The ideal product for face cleansing: the cleansing mousse

But what is one of the best products to cleanse the face suitable for all skin types? The cleansing mousse without a doubt! Its soft and delicate texture, to apply to damp skin and rinse with water, makes it the ideal product to be immediately included in our beauty routine.

The cleansing mousse is a delicate product, but which nevertheless acts deeply. The skin will then be immediately clean, smooth and soft to the touch. A real treat for the skin! Personally I can’t do without it anymore, a cleansing mousse is always present in my bathroom cabinet.

Obviously, our V’sFP | Beauty line also includes a delicate cleansing mousse among its products! Perfect for all skin types, even sensitive ones. A mild foaming cleanser, ideal for cleansing the skin of impurities and makeup. Within its formulation we find natural moisturizing, antioxidant and anti-aging ingredients such as active pomegranate water, active melon water and bearberry extract. All AIAB certified organic ingredients.

cleansing mousse
cleansing mousse

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