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Choose the jacket for spring: some advice for you!

by veryfp

Choose the jacket for spring: some advice for you! Welcome back to my blog dear readers! The heat, you know, every year is in a hurry to reach us, and already in April it is time for medium weight jackets. From here a question arises: how to choose the jacket for spring? Let’s try to find out.

I like to start with a timeless myth, which can be combined with practically everything and is available in a large amount of cuts and patterns: the denim jacket. Very short Spencer style or oversized to the knees, this symbol of casual has gone through decades of fads unscathed: we remember, and still are seeing, very narrow or wide versions, with glitter, decorations, embroidery of floral motifs … Some time ago, decorated with pins or patches, they were the testimony of a restless adolescence, while today many VIPs wear them as an eccentric counterpoint to a very elegant garment: evergreens.

A great model in this spring of 2020 is the blazer: born as a men’s sports garment, it has curiously become a symbol of women’s emancipation. Elegant and versatile, it can be worn over an informal outfit, but it is also able to bring out the charm and personality of the wearer to the maximum, perhaps for an intimate dinner or an important business appointment.

Choose the jacket for spring

Among the jackets for spring, a classic of great style, essential for many of us, is the one in embroidered tweed: very light both to the eye and to the touch, it is a symptom of a casual elegance that knows how to combine firmness and a sense of humor.

With reasoning that goes in the opposite direction, we can take a garment that is definitely born as informal but, knowing how to choose the right model and combination, it can be transformed into a surprising seduction tool: we are talking about the sweatshirt. Yes, just the hooded garment that usually the most shy guys wear over jeans. But if you take some time to have fun looking, you will find models with a sophisticated design, for example with rigid shoulder straps and necks, or even three-quarter extrachic versions, which mimic in all respects the design of the coats.

And while we have already mentioned the coats, those with a more sober line will always be present in our hearts and also in our wardrobes: on the other hand, it is known that fashions pass but the great classics remain. Speaking of classics, I was very impressed with the latest Woolrich collections, with very particular women’s jacket models: the classic outdoor style of the well-known American brand meets the most minimal and modern lines.

We close with determination, remembering another item of clothing that perhaps we would do better to define an object of worship: the leather jacket. Whether it comes in its strong biker version, or in the black one, shiny and close-fitting by a dark lady, or in a more sophisticated and perhaps with a bright color, we always find ourselves in front of the expression of great personality, nice ruthlessness and erotic charge .

In short, good spring everyone!

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