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Chapped lips remedies: simple tips to keep them well hydrated!

by veryfp

Chapped lips remedies: simple tips to keep them well hydrated! Raise your hands who during this period does not have chapped lips? In addition to the cold winter temperatures and the fact of facing a change of season, during which our immune defenses tend to drop, we must run for cover with the right solutions.

First of all, we must keep the supply of vitamins that our body needs high. This is thanks above all to a correct and correct diet which requires the intake of fruit and vegetables in quantity.

In addition to the importance of drinking lots of water to always stay well hydrated inside and out!

Here are some simple tips to combat this annoying and unsightly problem of chapped lips using the right cosmetic and non-cosmetic products.

Chapped lips remedies: what to do and the right products to apply!

Well, we understood from the premise that, as it often happens a little for everything concerning the care of our body, drinking a lot and eating well are the first fundamental points to follow.

Then there are a series of measures that involve the use of natural ingredients and useful cosmetic products to help us keep our lips healthy and hydrated.

If you love “do it yourself” remedies, olive oil and honey are the first ingredients to consider. Both applied in small quantities and left to absorb will be of great hydration and will alleviate the annoyance of chapping.

As for cosmetic products, lip balm is the best ally to carry with you always in your bag! Applied even several times throughout the day, it will give the right hydration to the skin of the lips and at the same time will protect it from atmospheric agents such as cold or too hot air.

Also in this case, you prefer products with natural ingredients inside them, such as the new lip balm by Yves Rocher. Six different super moisturizing flavors and the scent that makes you want to bite them!

chapped lips remedieschapped lips remedies

Yves Rocher lip balm

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