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Body skin routine: here are all the products that I use!

by veryfp

Body skin routine: here are all the products that I use! Hello friends! Well found here on my blog! We have often talked about how important it is to take care of the skin of the face with the right products to apply consistently and to choose well according to our needs.

This also applies to the beauty and health of the body’s skin. It is important to use good products to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate.

The care of ourselves starts from within with a good and healthy diet, drinking a lot of water to hydrate us and helping the skin from the outside with valid products applied in the right way.

Skin body routine: the basic steps

Regarding maintaining the health and beauty of our skin from the outside, three important and fundamental steps are: cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing.

It is important to use body cleansers and shower gel that respect the pH of the skin, which are not aggressive, to avoid redness and excessive dryness of the skin. We use a little product and rinse the cleanser well with plenty of water that is not excessively hot. I love to vary and also use foam shower from the bathroom lines of my favorite perfumes.

At least once a week it is important to make a good scrub to exfoliate the skin of the body. In this way the skin will be deeply cleaned, dead cells will be eliminated, it will find new softness and brightness. The scrub should be applied to damp skin and gently massaged with circular movements all over the body (I exclude the breast area) and rinsed. There are very good exfoliants such as that by Mascia Brunelli that do not require rinsing, to try!

Now is the time to hydrate! There are many valid products for every need. Body oil, creams and fluids to be massaged and absorbed to give elasticity and softness to the skin. This step requires a lot of constancy and daily commitment. We must moisturize the skin every day after the daily shower.

On the blog YouTube channel you will find a video where you can find out much more about this topic. I will wait for you there too!

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