3 consigli di bellezza

3 beauty tips: basic tips to be always on top!

by veryfp

3 beauty tips: basic tips to be always on top! There are fundamental steps regarding the daily beauty routine, which concern the face, make up, manicure and body care.

They are often simple and may seem trivial, but they will serve a lot to help maintain our well-groomed appearance and to counteract, as far as possible, the inevitable progress of time.

Today I start with three simple, basic tips, but never to be forgotten for face, hands and body care!

3 beauty tips: basic tips for face, nails and body

Face cream before make-up: it is very important to apply a face cream suitable for our skin type before putting on make-up. It will be a protective base for the skin and fundamental for the success of makeup!

3 beauty tips

Nail base: when we talk about manicure, applying a good base on the nail before the color is very important in order not to weaken and not make the nails yellow!

3 beauty tips

Body scrub: performing the scrub at least once a week is very important for the health of the body’s skin. It is used to remove dead cells and it is equally important to rehydrate the skin after carrying it out! It will serve to keep the skin of the body hydrated, smooth and elastic, making it look even more toned!

3 beauty tips

These are three simple tips that you might already have known, but which are important to remember!

Soon a new post with other beauty tips useful to all of us! A kiss and I hope to see you at the next post!

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