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Yves Rocher zero defect foundation: I love it and I’ll explain why!

by veryfp

Yves Rocher zero defect foundation: I love it and I will explain why! Welcome back my friends to my blog! Make-up topic today. I tried a new Yves Rocher foundation and today I will tell you about my experience.The new foundation by Yves Rocher is called Zèro Dèfaut, to say zero defects. The product promises a homogeneous covering, which covers imperfections, the first wrinkles, which perfects the complexion and which provides for a holding of 14 hours. All ensuring a natural result and letting the skin breathe.

Its composition is mainly made of natural ingredients, in full line with the philosophy of the French brand.

The result is a foundation with an ultra-fine texture, but with perfect coverage.

Yves Rocher zero defect foundation: expectations

Let’s start from the texture that is fluid and spreads very well whether you use it to spread a brush or a latex sponge. It remains both light and covering. It does not weigh down the skin and the result once laid is natural.

I applied it in the morning and its duration was actually good until evening.

Why did I like it? Because it keeps what it promises!

I also talked about it within the last video made for the blog’s YouTube channel. Let’s see the video to find out more and get in touch if you haven’t already!

Yves Rocher zero defect foundationYves Rocher zero defect foundation

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