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Winter coats 2019/20: trends and how to choose it

by veryfp

Winter coats 2019/20:  trends and how to choose it Well-found friends! Today’s topic is a truly “must have” item of winter wardrobe: the coat!

The real star of our winter outfits, the coat, must be chosen with care and attention. Whether low-cost or branded, it cannot be bought superficially. I also talked about this topic on the blog’s YouTube channel! Watch the video and sign up!

Winter coats 2019/20: trends how to choose it

Rule number one: try it! The coat must be tried! He must not pull on shoulders and on stomach, it must close at the front without fatigue. Even when fashion offers over-size coats, that is to say those coats that, when worn, look like one size more than what actually belongs to us, the choice must be made with extreme care! The risk, otherwise, is to look like shapeless bags and create a look of dubious taste.

Fashion, as we know, offers trends and models that are at times very interesting, but at the same time extravagant. All the more, when we fall in love with a particular coat model, displayed in the window of our favorite boutique, we enter and try before buying!

The models at the base of the wardrobe and the trend

At the base of a winter wardrobe, about coats, a black, blue and camel coat should not be missing. The latter is really an extremely chic classic that matches any look.

Fashion, this season, offers long, double-breasted coats with a belt at the waist with a touch of color for this coming gray winter. Great combinations of different fabrics will also works great as a barbed coat with tartan inserts.

Are you ready to choose your ideal coat for this fall winter 2019/2020? Good shopping friends!

winter coats 2019/20winter coats 2019/20winter coats 2019/20

coat: Ultrachic

bag: Fendi

shoes: MBT

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