What to wear in the mid-season: jeans are the protagonist in the wardrobe!

by veryfp

What to wear in the mid-season: jeans are the protagonist in the wardrobe! During the mid-season periods we cannot fail to mention jeans and its important task within the wardrobe of this period.

When the first rains begin and the summer slowly leaves space to the autumn, the denim clothing will solve most of our daily outfits.

The garments of jeans to wear

When the air cools, but wearing a heavy jacket is still excessive, wearing jeans is the ideal solution that not knows fashion.

Here are the key denim garments to always keep inside the wardrobe:

  • denim shirt
  • Jeans jacket
  • jeans pants (skinny, ripped, mum)
  • overalls

While the first three garments are a classic to always keep inside the wardrobe, the overalls are one of the top seasonal trends. Perhaps not everyone likes it, but I assure you that it will be very interesting to create many different looks than usual.

There are so many brands that every season dedicate to jeans a small selection of items to choose from.

Clothing and garments in denim: how can we combine them?

There are a thousand ways to combine jeans during the mid-season.

One of the solutions I prefer to wear during this period is composed by a blazer and a pair of mum jeans (those with a high waist)

Or a total denim look broken by a camel-colored garment, I find it gives a very chic touch to the whole.

Not to mention the denim jacket that, for everyday looks, we can define a real wild card of the mid-season wardrobe!

It all seems clear to me, what do you think about? Check in your closet and if you don’t have enough jeans, organize yourself! Buying someone will be a small investment in the long term, since they are always trendy.

Greetings friends, I look forward to the next post!

what to wear in the mid-seasonwhat to wear in the mid-season

denim shirt: Imperial

bag: Camomilla Italia

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