What to buy during the sales: mini shopping guide!

by Wednesday, January 16, 2019

What to buy during the sales: mini shopping guide! Good morning and well found on my fashion blog! Today a post dedicated to winter sales that for a couple of weeks have begun throughout Italy!

Already a few days ago on the YouTube channel of the blog I published a video where I recommend some clothes at the base of the winter wardrobe to buy taking advantage of the discounted prices we can find in these days of sales at the end of the season.

What to buy during the sales: mini shopping guide!

Today I want to propose these tips here on the blog! Here is a small list of garments that will always be useful inside the winter closet, but that we can buy at sale prices! Take note:

  • Jeans pants: skinny, high-waisted or ripped will always be a jolly garment in your wardrobe!
  • Black coat and camel: at the base of the outerwear to have inside the wardrobe in winter
  • High neck wool sweaters: indispensable, very warm and always in fashion in winter! Get it!

If instead we take a look to the garments that have been very trendy during the fall-winter 2018/2019 season and that we have to buy taking advantage of the discount because they will be useful even in the years to come in our wardrobe we can find:

  • Printed check fabric: the tartan cyclically returns always in fashion! Basically it is a classic!
  • The sneakers: a few seasons on the crest of the wave, they will still be for a long time!

Watch my video and subscribe to the channel! More videos coming soon! I just have to wish you good vision and good shopping!

I hope to see you at the next post!


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