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What to bring to the beach: what’s inside my beach bag!

by veryfp

What to bring to the beach: what’s inside my beach bag! What can’t you miss in your beach bag? What are the products and things you can’t give up on the beach? With today’s post I show you what I carry with me in the beach bag: products, beach towel and other necessary beachwear items that I can’t give up on the beach.

I also offered you a video on this topic on the blog’s YouTube channel, did you see it?

What to bring to the beach: everything in my beach bag!

  • First the beach towel. In soft sponge or light cotton fabric it will be essential to lie in the sun or to dry after a refreshing swim in the sea.
  • Pareo or caftan to go to avoid going totally in costume to the bar or restaurant of our beach establishment. It will allow us to appear more tidy in this situation.
  • Sunglasses to protect your eyes. Moreover they are a super fashion accessory to show off on the beach.
  • A spare¬†swimsuit. Especially when we want to take a last-minute dip, but immediately after we have to leave the beach.
  • Sun protection: essential and necessary to preserve the health of the skin when exposed to the sun.
  • A specific hair spray to protect and moisturize them. They often go into the background, but the hair must also be protected on the beach. If you want to deepen it I have also talked about this topic on Glamour.
  • A brush or a comb to untangle the hair once rinsed with salt or chlorine.
  • An ecological foam shower for when I take a shower on the beach (I use those by Yves Rocher that I find excellent, with natural ingredients, created in respect of the environment)

This is what I never give up on the beach, and you? Let me know, leave a comment and watch the video below that I created for YouTube!

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