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Traveling smart: the Florence Cashless Experience

by veryfp

Traveling smart: the Florence Cashless Experience. Getting around without worries, even in a new city, taking advantage of public transport with contactless technology on all buses wouldn’t be great?

Now traveling smart is reality thanks to Visa, which wants to improve the travel experience within our cities thanks to a truly innovative service already active in some of the most important cities in the world!

Last Thursday, July 18 in Florence (the first Italian city to expand  Ataf, Volainbus and The Mall buses with contactless technology), a fantastic project was presented with a press conference whose goal is to have more efficient and easier public transport for users.

Florence Cashless Experience: contactless payment to improve your travel experience

But what does all this consist of? Passengers who use the aforementioned public transport will be able to pay for the ticket conveniently on the bus using their credit cards, prepaid cards, smartphones or contactless devices. A practical and more flexible system, a valid alternative to the classic methods of buying bus tickets.

Thanks to this new technology it will be even easier to use public transport, even in cities we do not know. It will be possible to eliminate some complex payment methods that often dissuade the customer from buying the ticket and consequently from the use of public transport. In fact, according to research conducted by Visa and Stanford University, if it were easier to pay for public transport, the average use would increase by 27%. This also means having cities with less traffic and less smog!

Travel smart thanks to contactless technology

Our society, with its frenetic pace, is constantly looking for smart solutions that make life simpler and its quality better, even for small daily gestures, such as buying a bus ticket.

Even in Italy with the investment by many municipalities for infrastructure, such as the expansion of metropolitan and bus networks, these small innovative projects will give great added value by improving the consumer experience, which benefits from this service on a daily basis, exponentially.

traveling smart


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