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The anti-age diet: foods that promote skin well-being

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 The anti-age diet: foods that promote skin well-being. Slowing down skin aging is the dream of many of us and for this reason we often fill the bathroom cabinet with creams and serums, which prevent the formation of wrinkles.

In recent years anti-aiging medicine has developed a great deal and has shown how preventing aging is not enough to apply products on the skin, but it is necessary to start from within, or rather from our diet. There are foods, in fact, able to counteract the decline of the skin, acting from the inside.

Anti-aging food: what to put on the table

The principles of an anti-age diet are very simple and intuitive: abound with antioxidant foods and limit sugars, fats, additives and heavy metals.

In particular, it is very important to take vitamins A, D, E and K as they are responsible for combating free radicals, which is the main cause of skin aging. Not to mention that they have the task of stimulating the metabolism and, consequently, the regeneration of skin tissue. These fundamental elements are then added Omega 3 and Omega 6, very useful to facilitate the absorption of vitamins and to control cholesterol.

We see more specifically what are the foods with the greatest oxidizing power:

  • black grapes
  • oranges
  • blueberries
  • Red fruits
  • pomegranate
  • spinach
  • kale

To these are added cereals, better if eaten whole, and legumes, as they contain complex carbohydrates, which ensure the gradual release of sugar, so as to provide our body with energy in a constant manner. Precisely for this reason they differ from simple carbohydrates, which tend to release sugars in a short time.

They cannot therefore miss rye, spelled, wheat, millet, quinoa, pasta and wholemeal bread, chickpeas, lentil beans, naturally in the right quantities.

Among the anti-aiging ingredients, we find those with a greater presence of glutathione, a natural protein that protects the body from free radicals: it is found in mushrooms, avocados, spinach and citrus fruits.

Anti-aging diet: an example of a complete weekly menu

Being able to bring all these food products to the table is very simple, not to mention that technology is also now helping us. It is enough to surf the web to come across convenient promotions, such as Coop’s offers for example, which allow you to shop comfortably and save money.

Once we have obtained our key ingredients, we can draw up a weekly food plan. For breakfast it is better to concentrate on fruit, in any form: fruit salad, pureed, chopped or in yogurt. If you prefer to have breakfast in the family over the weekend, the classic omelette with vegetables or savory muffins will be perfect.

To the snack, however, we can also add dried fruit, smoothies, chia seeds, flax seeds, wholegrain crackers and fresh and possibly light cheeses (stracchino, mozzarella, ricotta)

Let’s move on to more substantial meals, namely lunch and dinner. The important thing in this case is to follow a structure on the plate, which should always include a portion of vegetables next to another food. Any examples? Simple! Penne with salmon with spinach, salad with chicken and cheese, corn tortilla with cheese or meat, pork fillet with pan-fried broccoli, couscous with vegetables, roast with carrots, legume soup accompanied by salad.

In short, the combinations are numerous and it is possible to experiment according to one’s own tastes and lifestyle, leaving the recipes with longer preparations on rest days.

How the diet can help us in terms of skin aging, strengthening the action of the beauty products we use every day.

anti-age diet

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