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Sweaters with lettering: great trend for 2019!

by veryfp

Sweaters with lettering: great trend for 2019! Good morning! Today we are talking about a trend that shows no sign of lowering the guard and that is becoming more followed by fashion lovers. Let’s talk about the sweaters with the lettering!

Forerunner of this trend was Alberta Ferretti who with her sweaters written with the days of the week has really populated in the last 2 years.

From there the sweaters with writings, like “love” for example, are really trendy until today where the latest trend is the coolest sweater with the name written above.

Sweaters with lettering: great trend for 2019!

A trend that I like, too, and that has really exploded in recent months. Many brands, from big brands to low-cost brands, have proposed their versions suitable for all tastes and all budgets. The sweater with the writing has become almost a new way of communicating and will adapt to the style of each of us.

Obviously I could not miss this kind of sweater. Today I propose my version and how I wanted to interpret this trend. In the following photos I wear a wool sweater with the inscription Love by Molly Bracken, with which I created a perfect look for the day. An outfit that tastes of spring, because I have paired it with an iconic piece of this season, the trench coat! In short, a trend that I have adapted to my style and with which I feel comfortable.

Do you like this trend? Let me know what you think about and leave a comment! I am looking for to see you at the next post. Bye!!!

sweaters with letteringsweaters with letteringsweaters with letteringsweaters with lettering

sweater: Molly Bracken

trench coat: Zara


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