Sunglasses spring 2019: more interesting shapes and trends!

by Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Sunglasses spring 2019: more interesting shapes and trends! I am a big fan of sunglasses! I own many and has become for me an inevitable accessory inside the bag in all seasons

With today’s post we see together a little what will be the trend. The most interesting shapes and patterns to wear during this spring 2019.

Sunglasses spring 2019: more interesting shapes and trends!

Still trendy is undoubtedly the model of cat-eye sunglasses that I find extremely feminine and I really like it. But fashion also offers glasses with a lighter effect and not too dark lenses. The frames are thin and the lenses vary from golden yellow to delicate pinks. Proposals with a very chic and refined taste.

Also interesting is the trend of a precious detail applied to the frame. For example, stones and diamonds applied on the temples, in the part of the outer corner of the lens or gold details that are often an integral part of the frame.

In the end, if you are extremely whimsical, play with shapes! Big and round lenses, heart-shaped or pop-colored frames with which it will be difficult to go unnoticed!

If you are looking for some interesting glasses I leave you the link to the site of a French brand that makes sunglasses very cute at an excellent quality price, Iyu Design. I have already chosen two pairs and I was really satisfied both for the design and for their quality. Approved lenses and resistant frame at a really good price. It is often difficult for this type of sunglasses, but not in this case!

Leave a comment and let me know if you also are a lover of this stylish accessory!

sunglasses spring 2019

Sunglasses: Iyu Design

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