Snail slime cosmetics: I introduce you to Helisir

by Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Snail slime cosmetics: I introduce you to Helisir. Good morning dear friend. Today I want to share a beauty tip with you, or rather a truly exceptional cosmetic line.

You have often lately heard about snail slime cosmetics, and the fantastic beneficial properties it can have on our skin to keep it healthy, beautiful and radiant. It contains mucopolysaccharides, rich in film-forming, protective and moisturizing properties. Contains glycolic acid, allantoin, collagen and elastin. Ideal properties especially for the production of anti-age products.

But the difference is in how this snail slime is extracted and treated in the following phases, to ensure that the cosmetics we are going to apply works best.

Snail slime: Helisir products

During my fashion week days in Milan I discovered Helisir, a new luxury cosmetics brand that really conquered me suitable for all skin types.

Today the line includes two products, a serum and a 24 face cream hours. The snail slime contained in it, unlike other cosmetic products, is extracted in a completely natural and non-mechanical way, as often happens, since it would compromise its benefits.

The serum: just a few drops to apply on morning and evening in evenly and gently tapping the entire face avoiding the eye area. Smoothes moisturizes and deeply tones the skin of the face.

The cream: a small amount should be applied morning and evening after the serum on the face, neck and decollete, and it should be gently massaged. It also has a smoothing power, tones and brightens the skin. It will also be excellent as a make-up base.

During the presentation of this new cosmetic line I had the pleasure of trying these two products myself and I can guarantee you that from the first application the skin looks much smoother and brighter. Wonderfull!

Visit the website and find out more. See you at the next post!

snail slime cosmetics


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