Profession blogger: the secret is in a fast internet connection!

by Thursday, February 21, 2019

Profession blogger: the secret is a fast internet connection! Blogger life, mine. I like talking and sharing my passion for fashion with others, this has pushed me to open my personal blog in 2013 and if you follow me from a while you know very well.

Managing a blog of fashion and lifestyle and working as a content creator, my working life is made up of posts to write, deadlines to be respected, events, content to be created and shared on social media and on the blog so…internet connection! The primary tool for carrying out this activity.

Especially when working from home-office and especially when you are in an area of the province like mine, where a good internet connection is often an utopia, finding a good alternative that guarantees a fast and stable internet is one of the primary needs.

High-speed Internet: fast internet connection thanks to Eolo!

I found the solution and it really works! Some time ago I have discovered Eolo, a telecommunications operator specialized in broadband that, thanks to radio technology, brings the high-speed internet network even in areas where is hardly possible, and my situation is a perfect example!

Finally I surf without problems of connection 24 hours on 24 managing my work from home-office without any thought!

If you also have my same needs I suggest you check on their site the internet coverage of Eolo in your area and take a look at the many interesting offers home internet that Eolo is promoting!

I would define my super positive experience and therefore I can recommend this service in all serenity! If you already know Eolo and use his services, leave a comment and tell me about your experience!

Keep connected friends, I hope to see you at the next post!

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