Powder leather bag: trend for spring 2019

by Monday, February 25, 2019

Powder leather bag: trend for spring 2019. Bags are my big passion! I also dedicated a video on my YouTube channel to this topic. The only accessory that can differentiate the same look worn several times is the bag. Changing color and model, it will be the accessory that is never enough inside our wardrobe.

Spring 2019 will be a season of chic and versatile bags, of various sizes depending on the need. Bags made with quality leathers and in many different forms, in many cases with the shoulder strap ready to be hooked to make them super practical in a moment. The colors for spring bags will go from pastel and powder tones, to more decisive contrasts and combinations.

Powder leather bag: trend for spring 2019

Today I want to present you a new bag that has just entered in my wardrobe and that reflects what was said above. My new Emilio Masi bag in powdered leather. A form halfway between a bucket and a medium-sized trunk to carry by hand or with a removable shoulder strap. The craftsmanship makes it unique and beautiful. It will be perfect for both casual looks and more sophisticated looks.

Meanwhile, I propose you worn in an outfit that tastes of spring and I like it a lot. I also hope you too! Leave a comment and let me know what you think about.

See you at the next post!

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bag: Emilio Masi

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