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How to participate in fashion week: my experience in Milan

by veryfp

How to participate to fashion week: my experience. Taking part to the Milan fashion week and attending the various events and fashion shows is not easy, often even for professionals. The requests are many, the right procedures must be known to be able to be accredited.

With today’s post I tell you about my experience and how I proceed to access the many interesting events that the Milan fashion week offers.

How to participate in fashion week: how to get accredited

I personally proceed this way. First of all, I accredit myself with the Camera Nazionale della Moda, in the specific case as “press”, if you are a buyer, you are obviously credited as a “buyer”. Being accredited with CNM entitles you to a series of services, such as receiving the list of the various press offices of the brands and being included in the list which in turn CNM will send to the various press offices. You can use the shuttle service that takes you from one fashion show to another (very convenient given the traffic during those days in Milan!), a press room equipped with PCs, telephones and equipment necessary for journalists and catering for lunch .

ATTENTION: accreditation with the CNM does not entitle you regardless of the entrance to the fashion shows and events on the calendar!

Entry to the fashion show is always granted by the press office of the brand by e-mail request which I send about ten days before the start of the event.

Obviously this seems a very simple procedure, if it were not for the great “tournover” that is inside the various agencies and press offices. Every six months I have to extricate myself from phone calls and emails to understand if that “certain brand” is still under that “determined press office” and if not, crazy to understand what the new reference is. You will understand that for me doing this job without a manager, an assistant or a management agency behind me and with 400 km in between is not really a health walk! But it remains a fundamental step if you want to participate in fashion week.

Organization and planning

Once received the credits, we try to organize every single day based on the invitations to the fashion shows received and the presentations of everyday. Personally, when there are events that overlap the fashion shows I always prefer to attend the fashion show, it is certainly much more exciting! It is important to have a good organization otherwise you risk making confusion, making wrong schedules and places. During the fashion week there are a lot of events, very interesting, but you can’t manage everything. It is therefore important to make a selection of the things that most interest us.

Below you can find the Youtube video where I tell you about my Milan fashion week and the shows I liked the most, subscribe to the channel!

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