come abbellire una parete vuota

How to embellish an empty wall: ideas and suggestions!

by veryfp

How to embellish an empty wall: ideas and suggestions! I love interior design, it was also a central topic of my studies, and giving an extra touch to the rooms I live by giving them a mood I wanted was simple. Today, with this post, I want to suggest something really interesting.

Often, once the furniture is placed, it can happen to find yourself in front of an empty wall. Like a blank canvas, that could be a small creative space to decorate with elegant posters or sophisticated prints enclosed in precious frames that make them truly unique.

Decorate your home: Poster Store decorates the rooms of your life!

There are places, like home or office, that we live 24 hours a day and that we like to talk about ourselves and make us feel at ease. Customize environments helps us to talk about ourselves, our personality, communicates something to about us to others.

The search for inspirations to decorate a room, with beautiful carefully selected images, with Poster Store was a fantastic and enjoyable experience.

The refined design and high quality of these posters (they are printed in one of the most renowned Swedish printers with high quality paper and in full respect of the environment) make them perfect for any style of furniture, from classic to the modern.

At home I created a small “gallery wall” with a romantic mood, as I like, for a portion of the living room that had remained free. Adding a comfortable leather chair this space has turned into a small relax corner suitable for reading my favorite books and magazines.

Create your own “gallery wall”

I have a small gift for you! Here is a 30% discount code for your shopping on Poster Store veryfashionplanet30 valid until April 25th. Take the opportunity to create your favorite “gallery wall” too

Leave a comment and let me know what you think about! I will wait for you to the next post!how to embellish an empty wallposter storehow to embellish an empty wall

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