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How to become a fashion blogger: why open a blog and the right reasons

by veryfp

How to become a fashion blogger: why open a blog and the right reasons. Good morning friends! With today’s post I want to clearly answer once and for all to a question that is often addressed to me in direct on Instagram. How to become a blogger?

I will tell you what, in my opinion, are the real motivations for which a blog should be created and I experience it briefly.

I opened my blog for passion in 2013. I have always worked in the fashion and beauty world and have been following other bloggers for a long time. So I decided to open my personal space on the web to share this passion of mine by offering outfits, look ideas and talking about trends that fashion offers. I started my blog on Blogspot, then I migrated to WordPress, a more suitable platform if you want to make your blog more professional.

How to become a fashion blogger: how and why to open a blog

To open a blog, keep it constantly updated, create an interested community and interact within social networks linked to the blog, it takes so much passion, so much dedication and lots of patience.

You do not become famous and known in a week or a month and if your main goal is to become the new Chiara Ferragni, forget it. The first reason to create a blog is to have a great passion for what you will be dealing with in it. If then the popularity will come (let’s call it) so be it!

To open a fashion blog (and not only) you need:

  • Expertise to create quality content
  • Consistency
  • Continuity

The niche of fashion bloggers is now really inflated, but it is also true that there is a lot of poor quality content and many fashion blogs abandoned within the web after a few weeks because the above mentioned reasons are missing

Define your style and the audience you will be targeting

First thing: define your style. The topics you want to discuss and the target audience you want to address.

You must have be clear about what you want to talk about in your blog, always try to remain consistent in content and in your opinions.

A simple example: one day you write an article about the fact that blue is good for everyone. After three days you will write another one where you say that blue is not an easy color to wear. By doing so you will lose credibility and maybe a lot will decide not to follow your blog anymore.

I return to say that it is very important to restrict your niche as much as possible, avoiding too much space in topics that do not hit your blog at all.

I said so many no to paid collaborations because they offered me products not in line with my style or with the subjects I treated.

The more specific the niche will be and the more you will manage to carve out a small space on the web for that sector. This holds true for all types of blogs.

To close the main recommendation I make to you, whatever type of blog you want to open, always write from your point of view and interpret that particular topic with your ideas. We are not journalists and we do not replace them. The blogger always writes keeping in mind first of all his point of view and his opinions that he loves to share with his community.

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