Facial cleansing: Super Cleanser Trio by Freshly Cosmetics

by Friday, September 13, 2019

Facial cleansing: Super Cleanser Trio by Freshly Cosmetics. I will never stop repeating how important facial cleansing is to keep the skin healthy and beautiful over time. Cleansing and moisturizing are fundamental steps that we cannot give up if we want to take care of the best of face and body skin.

Furthermore, is essential to identify the right products for facial cleansing. Those products that ensure you a deep cleaning with a few simple gestures. What am I talking about? Super Cleanser Trio by Freshly Cosmetics.

Face cleansing steps: 3 simple steps for a top face skin!

This trio consists of the following products:

  • Micellar water with green apple
  • Rose Quartz cleanser
  • Purifying lime tonic

All formulated with high quality natural ingredients!

I also showed you in my Instagram profile, with a video on IGTV dedicated, how to apply this three fantastic products in the right way.

First of all pass a disk soaked in micellar water over the entire face. Wet the skin with water and apply Rose Quartz detergent with small rotary movements and then rinse. Gently dry the face and apply the lime tonic. You can do it in two ways: with a soaked disk or directly on the face (I always do this because it gives me a great sense of immediate freshness!)

The result is a fresh, clean skin free from impurities. Perfectly ready to receive our favorite facial treatment.

I had the pleasure of trying many other Freshly Cosmetics products and they are always a pleasant discovery. A complete line for face and body care adapted to our every need.

If you already know the brand, you know what I am talking about, but if you never tried it, then I suggest you do it! You will be won over too! See you at the next post!

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Super Cleanser Trio by Freshly Cosmetics

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