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Facial cleansing steps: how I do it morning and evening at home!

by veryfp

Facial cleansing steps: how I do in the morning and evening at home! Hello and well found on my fashion blog! Today beauty tips for you and refresh memory on the facial cleansing topic!

I will never stop repeating that, apart from hydrationto keep the skin of your face beautiful and healthy, cleaning in the morning and in the evening is absolutely essential! Especially if we make up is important to remove make-up before going to bed, even if it is 2 am! We make a little effort that really means a lot to our skin!

Facial cleansing steps: what I use and how I apply them

Just a few gestures and the right products to cleanse your face. Here is how I proceed:

  • biphasic eye make-up remover: start removing make-up with a two-phase make-up remover because it is the best one to eliminate every kind of make up from the eyes. I apply it on a cotton pad and wait some seconds, resting it over my make-up eye. Then with small circular gestures I start to remove the make-up.
  • cleansing gel: I have mixed skin and currently this kind of product to use with water is the one I prefer. So I wash my face well with circular gestures for a couple of minutes and then rinse with plenty of water.
  • tonic: I apply it on a cotton pad and swab it all over my face. It removes the last impurities and traces of make up and invigorates the skin by preparing it for the application of the face cream.

Once a week I do a facial scrub to clean the skin of my face even further and a mask that purifies and rehydrates.

Obviously you will have to choose the products to use always according to the type of your skin (dry, oily or mixed).

I talked about this topic also on Glamour and then you will also find a video I made for the YouTube channel of the blog where I explain even more specifically my routine for cleaning the skin of the face.

Let’s have a good vision!


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