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Face tired remedies: the new serious Dr.Jart + Energy Peptides

by veryfp

Face tired remedies: the new serious Dr.Jart + Energy Peptides.  Good morning to everyone and welcome back to my blog. Today a new post dedicated to products suitable for those who need to restore light, vitality and tone to the skin of the face. Read on and discover something really interesting to try!

I had the pleasure of trying two new serums, the latest novelties from the dermal-cosmetic brand Dr.Jart +, of the Peptidin line which thanks to the “8 peptide complex” helps in particular the tired and stressed skins also from pollutants, like the fine powders for example.

Face tired remedies: the new serious Dr.Jart + Energy Peptides

Let’s look specifically the two products and their characteristics:

Peptidin Radiance Serum with Dr. Jart+’s Energy Peptides: its “mission” is to act on tired looking skin revitalizing it thanks to energy peptides contained within the serum. Its oily consistency, but not greasy, should be gently massaged on the skin avoiding the eye area. The dropper cap is perfect for avoiding product waste, it takes little for an immediately brighter skin effect!

Peptidin Firming Serum with Dr.Jart+ Energy Peptides: a serum that compacts and firms the skin, helping to have a more homogeneous complexion and a more toned skin appearance! Also in this case we find the stopper with dropper and also in this case apply little product and gently massage it on the face. Both products are not greasy and absorbed immediately!

I must say that today, whenever I have had the chance to try and test Dr.Jart+ products, I have been really satisfied. Especially with regards to Dr.Jart+ face masks that are really fantastic!

Where can you buy Dr.Jart + products? In all Sephora stores or on

Face tired remediesFace tired remediesFace tired remedies

 Dr.Jart+ new beauty products 

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