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Double necklace with pendants: 2019 jewelry trend

by veryfp

Double necklace with pendants: 2019 jewelry trend. The accessories we wear makes the difference and definitely characterize our look! Wearing the right jewelry is important to determine the style of the outfit we are going to wear.

“Less is more” is the motto, you know it well if you follow me. I do not like exaggerating. I decide with great care the jewels I choose to wear. The 2019 sees the return of the chain necklaces, also choker, great return from the mythical 80s. Beautiful, but sometimes “too much”! Instead one of the trends that I liked recently, and that I find extremely refined, in terms of jewelry and costume jewelry is the double necklace or double-strand necklace.

Double necklace with pendants: 2019 jewelry trend

In the magazines, on social media and on the web in general there are lots of inspirations about this 2019 jewelry trend, or rather that of wearing two necklaces, or a necklace with double thread one longer and one shorter, with pendants that go to embellish in a delicate and elegant way.

I found a wide choice for example on the English site of Mum Jewelery. High quality necklaces and pendants, each with a message to communicate, in silver, gold or rose gold.

If you are curious and want to find out more, visit the site and choose the necklace and pendant that you like best. You will really be spoiled for choice.

Meanwhile I am looking for your comments! I send you a big kiss!

double necklace with pendantsdouble necklace with pendantsdouble necklace with pendants

Muru Jewelly

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