Daily make-up: some tips and all the products I use!

by Monday, April 1, 2019

Daily make-up: some tips and all the products I use! Good morning! Today I want to tell you about my make up daily routine, all the steps and products I use every day.

I got the idea for this post by visiting the blog of an American influencer that I adore for her impeccable style: Atlantic – Pacific. I do not know if you already know it, otherwise I suggest you visit her blog, a great source of inspiration for fashion lovers!

Daily make-up: some tips and all the products I use!

Every morning, after cleansing the face, and after applied a good cream and eye contour, I apply an instant illuminated fluid of Kiehl’s Glow Formula Skin Hydrator. A product of which I cannot do without because it creates an illuminating base and goes to homogenize the complexion in a perfect way. The skin is visibly more compact and luminous immediately after its application. Also from Kiehl’s I apply the Love Oil For Lips on the lips, a super moisturizing treatment that makes them extremely soft.

daily make-up

I then proceed to apply the concealer on the eye contour and the foundation that I spread with the help of a latex sponge and a foundation brush. I also use the brush to soften the light countiring that I am going to create areas of light and dark. This will give more light and definition to make up. At this time I use Fenty Beauty sticks to make the contouring and Pure Light foundation by Yves Rocher, which I find perfect for spring – summer because of its fluid and light consistency.

daily make-up

Below I define the eyebrows with a special pencil and apply a string of eye pencil or eye liner to lengthen and enlarge the shape of my eyes. I also always apply a good mascara to stretch and give volume to the lashes. At this time I use a Kiko eye pencil and the Collistar Art Design mascara.

daily make-up

Finally I apply a veil of lipstick with a natural color, perfect to wear for a day make-up. My favorite right now is the Urban Decay Backtalk Comfort Matte lipstick.

daily make-up

daily make updaily make up


Dear friend this is the trick and steps that I do almost every day. The products I use are all very valid and I advise you to try them! Leave a comment if you have any questions!

All I have to do is say goodbye and remember that I will always wait here on my fashion blog for the next post!

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