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Daily hair care: my hair care routine!

by veryfp

Daily hair care: my hair care routine! Good morning and well rediscovered with a beauty theme post! I will tell you my hair care routine!

On the YouTube channel of the blog (SUBSCRIBE !!!) you asked me to make a video about my daily hair routine. Today I want to share this also on the blog!

Daily hair care: my hair care routine!

I have medium long hair, slightly scaled and wavy. I have no need to dress them with some kind of elaborate folds, so my hair care at home is still quite simple.

However, I use some really good products and I suggest you try to keep them always shiny and hydrated. Remember that as a skin of face and body, hydration is essential for the hair!

Also I show you the tools I use to comb and dry my hair.

The extra tip: do not use too hot water to wash your hair because encourage frizzy!

For the rest I leave the link below the video, where I explain you all steps and products that I use in detail. Let me know what you think and leave a comment, the tips are always welcome!

I wish you a good vision! I send you a big kiss and I wait for you at the next post always here on my fashion blog!

daily hair caredaily hair caredaily hair care

I’ll wait for you on my #YouTube channel!

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