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Checkered coat: trend of women’s coats for winter 2019-2020

by veryfp

Checkered coat: trend of women’s coats for winter 2019-2020. The love I have for coats is well known. I wear them often and I prefer them to duvets. I certainly do not disdain the latter, but I find that the coat is a piece of clothing that makes the look much more chic and sophisticated, albeit basic.

Not to mention the checkered coats, which I love and which are still for this winter 2019-2020, a great trend worn by many of us.

Checkered coat: my outfit

I like to offer you ideas of looks and then and today’s one features a Kocca check coat. I opted for an outfit that the more fashionable called “layering”.

Before Christmas there were days where the temperature varied greatly from morning to evening. We went out in the morning with 7 degrees and for lunch it could even reach around 20 degrees. These are the typical days when a layering look can come to our rescue. Dressing in layers allows you to measure the heaviness of the clothes you are wearing based on the time of day and especially on the outside temperature.

The coat that I kept wrapped like a blanket at 8 o’clock in the morning was delicately placed on my shoulders, to then be worn again in the evening.

I played on the tones of the coat and its chess that vary from white to beige, passing through various shades of brown, combining a camel jacket and white pants that I love to wear even in winter.

What do you think of this look? Meanwhile, I wish you a fantastic 2020 to spend together here on my blog!

checkered coatscheckered coats

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