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Basic face make-up: I tried PS… Primark Beauty products

by veryfp

Basic face make-up: I tried PS… Primark Beauty products. Good morning girls! I will be talking about make up again. Of useful products to make a daily face base with low-cost make-up products, but of good quality!

When I was asked to test some PS… products by Primark the curiosity was really great! I have also talked about it extensively in the Instagram Stories. This is a line with cheap prices, the liquid foundation I used for example has a cost of 3 euros. But I found them really not bad and with today’s post I show them to you one by one.

Basic face make-up with Primark’s PS … products

The products I used are perfect for creating a good face base for make-up, whether everyday or for a special occasion.

Here are the products used:

  • Perfect Finish Foundation: a liquid foundation with a natural finish enriched with vitamin E. It spreads very well, has medium coverage and the final effect remains very natural.
  • Foundation & Contour Stick: a foundation stick, perfect for contouring. Creamy and not heavy texture on the skin.
  • Foundation Pressed Powder: foundation – compact powder that is spread with a latex sponge. With good coverage and matte finish.
  • Bake it Setting Powder: a powder, neutral and light. Excellent for fixing make up and dulling the areas that need it. Just a little product applied with a brush.

My opinion is this: they are cheap products that guarantee a good quality result.

Have you tried these products already? Do you already know the PS…Primark Beauty? If yes of course let me know your opinion.

I just have to say goodbye to friends, see you always here at the next post on Very’s Fashion Planet!

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PS… Primark Beauty

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