Autumn winter 2019 nail polish: the most beautiful colors to choose!

by Monday, November 4, 2019

Autumn winter 2019 nail polish: the most beautiful colors to choose! Welcome back friends! Today we talk about nail polish, one of my favorites!! If you follow me on Instagram, you have already seen some fantastic super trendy color arrivals for my nails!

Thanks to Faby’s friends, one of my favorite brands when we talk about of nail polish, I received some of the most beautiful colors of the new Character line!

Autumn winter 2019 nail polish: the trendiest shades!

Also on Glamour we talked about this topic and today I want to share here on my blog with you the most beautiful colors to choose for our nails during the incoming months.

During the colder months, you know, nail polish colors tend to get darker. Black nail polish and reds with more burgundy shades are among the timeless classics, like the red lacquered nail polish that is always an absolute evergreen.

But the shades of purple, burnt browns that are the real novelty of the period, rust and the whole range of more or less dark grays are also very interesting to discover.

If you are a lover of softer colors, quiet! Especially for the autumn, beige-colored nude nail polish will be a good choice. As well as milky and soft pink.

I like to experiment and so I opted for more particular colors like the ones you see in these photos that I propose to you. What is your favorite? Meanwhile, I leave you at the end the color references you see in the post.

I look forward to the next post! A kiss!

autumn winter 2019 nail polishautumn winter 2019 nail polishautumn winter 2019 nail polish

purple: Faby Impavida

rust color: Faby As spicy as I can be

grey: Faby Fearless

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