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Anti-wrinkle creams that work: tips for a skin that is always young!

by veryfp

Anti-wrinkle creams that works: tips for a skin that is always young! Good morning and welcome back on my blog after a little summer break! Return with a very interesting beauty post. I share advice and some good products with you to help your skin stay young even as time goes by.

For the health and beauty of facial skin and not only we cannot stop time, but we can help us a lot by following a healthy diet and hydrating ourselves by drinking plenty of water. Even the daily use of anti-aging facial products specific for our skin type, anti-wrinkle creams, moisturizers, eye contour and facial serum, are essential if applied consistently.

Anti-wrinkle creams and innovative treatments

Already within the Instagram profile I showed you, some days ago, a new innovative Resultime Paris treatment: the new line for plumping collagens.

I am using:

  • 3-in-1 day, night and face mask treatment that thanks to the practical applicator brush and the fluid texture spreads evenly over the entire face
  • eye and lip contour filler serum with cryo-applicator that stimulates microcirculation with a smoothing effect.

Our skin, after the age of 20, tends to lose 1% of collagen every year.

This product line has a goal: thanks to the synergy of ultra-effective active ingredients that acts on the main types of collagen, intervening on all the skin layers, it wants to preserve this precious fundamental element to combat the signs of time in a truly effective way.

The skin is already visibly smoother and regenerated after a week. One of my weaknesses is the dark circles. The serum filler with cryo-applicator whose metal alloy stimulates microcirculation, has now entered the list of the best eye contour tested so far.

These are products that I recommend to try.

The line for plumping collagens includes other very interesting products that I recommend you learn more about on the Resultime website

anti-wrinkle creamsanti-wrinkle creams

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